A Winter Skincare Routine But Make It Vegan

  1. 💦 @youthtothepeople superfood cleanser – I skip if I’m feeling dry in the AM, and just splash with water 
  2. 🍵 @bonajour green tea water toner – pressed onto face and neck area with finger tips, layer if needed 
  3. 💧 @facetheory polypep collagen boosting serum – review coming soon, but this is a very watery consistency, multi active serum that contains a gentle aha, various peptides, antioxidants and extracts to help with a range of skin issues like moisture loss, flaky skin, eczema (I have this on my hands), fine lines, etc.. I usually use this alone in routines or paired with another hydrating serum. It also contains a vegan bio mimetic peptide that is shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in under a month. So I’m looking forward to seeing the results (code: ‘ALICIALATOUR_’ gets you 20% off 😜 thanks for the support !)
  4. 👁️ @drloretta tightening eye gel – a lightweight, quick absorbing clear gel. I use this all over the eye area to tighten, brighten, and concealer prep. Feels refreshing in my morning routine
  5. 🧴 @biossance omega repair cream – a fluffy barrier cream that contains açai sterols (vegan alternative to animal derived cholesterol), omega fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and squalane … and a winter staple for many years in a row now. I’ve emptied many full sizes and minis over the years. If you get dry and/or flaky, tight feeling skin you love this too. But first stop using hot water to wash your face !
  6. ⛅️ @drloretta universal glow antioxidant SPF 40 to finish up the skin routine. It has a pinky hue, silky feel and very lightweight. Looks nice on the back of the hands too. this is still new to me but I’m really enjoying it as my SPF lately
  7. 👄 lastly the lips, topped off with my fave @summerfridays lip butter balm 🍦 so moisturizing 

🎰 BONUS: keep @cocokind matcha stick on hand for any dry skin spots throughout the day or even the cuticles. the new formula is now vegan.

-Alicia !


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