Body Blendz Vegan Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub Review

UGH first.. let me tell you this smells so good. The scent of a sweet caramel latte fills the bathroom immediately after opening. SO much so, my husband thought I was making coffee.. and then I, myself… actually had to go make some coffee JUST to have while shooting these pics haha. It smells that good. 

Coffee scrubs are one of my favorite ways to soften and smooth my skin in the shower. And I couldn’t wait to dive into this delicious one. 

This scrub contains only a handful of ingredients such as coffee, sugar, olive oil, jojoba oil, orange oil and vitamin e.  The sugar and coffee granules are quite large and you barely need to apply any pressure to the skin when using. Let the scrub do the work !

I find that coffee scrubs really help my KP, leaving the back of my arms feeling softened. They also help with dry, flakey, dull skin I tend to get all over during the dreadful winter months. Since this scrub also moisturizes the skin, immediately after and even the next day I’m glowing. 

Body Blendz are a vegan, cruelty free, Australian based & made body care + skincare brand. And I look forward to trying more from them after this excellent experience. 

*kindly sent over from @body_blendz in exchange for my thoughts; all opinions are forever and always my own 

-Alicia !


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