I’ve finally tried Stella McCartney’s new luxury vegan and cruelty-free skincare line

🎉 Back at the end of the year, I won a giveaway for their refillable travel set & I’ve been testing out all three products ever since 🎉

There are currently only three skincare products available, in travel and full size. And I’m not sure if more will be released or if they will keep the more minimalist approach to skincare 🤔 

✈️ This travel set retails for $160. And it includes all three of their products + recycled nylon bag. The Reset Cleanser (50ml), Alter Care Serum (20ml) and Restore Cream (20ml). All are in mini refillable glass containers. There are refills for both the travel and full sizes. Travel refills are from $22 – $55. 

✏️ Reviews 🗒️

Creamy Cleanser: I just recently finished this cleanser & refilled. It’s easily become my daily go-to for many reasons. I like that this can be used as both dry skin and damp. It removes makeup with minimal effort. It has excellent slip, rinses away clean (no film), smells refreshing and it does not leave me feeling stripped after either.

Serum: I was unsure about this serum at first TBH. It’s more on the creamier, more nourishing side than your typical serums. Similar to a lightweight moisturizer. It contains a lot of excellent ingredients like algae, squalane, HA, and various other antioxidants, etc. It’s made to help with barrier support and nourishing the skin. In warmer climates, this is enough for my skin and I can just finish my routine with an SPF. It absorbs beautifully and leaves a healthy hue to my skin. 

Cream: Still testing this one but enjoying it so far. It’s lightweight, yet deeply hydrating cream, not greasy. Contains birch sap, HA and cherry blossom extract to name a few.  A little goes a very long way. Leaves a soft finish to the skin. I like this in my nighttime routine.

🌊 All are mildly fragranced. They have a very refreshing, aquatic scent called ‘High Cliff’ created by Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. According to Stella’s site, each ingredient was observed to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive. The scent closely reminds me of Osea’s products. More specifically their ocean cleanser, which I also love.

💭 Final thoughts 💭 
Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with all three products. The cleanser is my favorite. I think travel sets are the BEST way to try new products and see what they’re all about before splurging. I did notice they do have a sampler set too. If I didnt win the giveaway I would buy that first or buy the refills since they can be used without the glass packaging !

-Alicia !


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