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I’m a cruelty-free & vegan beauty enthusiast, content creator, blogger, and lifestyle product photographer. I started by reviewing beauty products and sharing my thoughts.. either on social media or here on my blog. My goal is simple: I want to show my audience how easy vegan and cruelty free living is. I’ve been in the beauty space for 10 years, either working for big box beauty brands, small businesses, blogging, or freelancing as a creative/UGC. Product photography is my passion from start to finish, but I also enjoy short form video content. Creatively speaking, I love it all. Read more about me here
– Alicia


Services Offered:
๐Ÿ“ธ Lifestyle product photography
๐ŸŽฅ Short form video creation for TikTok, Reels, Ads, Web & More
โœ๏ธWriting blog articles, guides, cruelty free beauty product reviews, vegan travel, etc

โœจ Available as ร  la carte, packaged options, or long term collaborations. My blog is also open to sponsored content or featured ads

Other Services:
Looking to make the switch to vegan and cruelty free beauty ?
I offer personalized makeup and skincare product consultations


Previous Collabs: Naturally Serious Skin, The Seaweed Bath Co, Parade, Keeko Oral Care, Dr. Loretta Skincare, Pique, INNBEAUTY PROJECT, Biossance, Onda Beauty, MyDayScreen, Sol Body & others

Let’s chat: heyalicialatour @ gmail.com


Product Photography:

lifestyle, unboxing, texture-focused, moody vibes
for use on web, socials, ads

Beauty Short Form UGC Videos

product-focused, unboxings, applications, textures, UGC, reviews
*with or without voice over
*with or without text
*usually 5-30 seconds in length

email me for pricing and lets get your project started

heyalicialatour @ gmail.com