Most Reached For SPFS This Summer (Vegan + Cruelty Free)

SPFS have to be one of my all time favorite skincare product. They are probably my most favorite product to test out too. I’ve tried A LOT, almost any vegan, cruelty-free SPF I could find, lol. And here are the 5 I can’t stop reaching for and feel I will forever repurchase.

☀️ SunBum Glow 30: This SPF has reached holy grail status. I love its supreme glowy finish. It’s the perfect topper to any skincare routine. It plays well with all of my favorite moisturizers (aka it doesn’t pill). It’s a decently priced SPF given the amount of product you recieve. I cannot recommend it enough especially if you like the Supergoop Glowscreen. The texture of SunBum is a bit more liquidy and I actually prefer that.

☀️ Bliss Blockstar SPF 30: If you want a creamy, moussey tinted mineral SPF then I recommend this one. I know some people have complained about the tint.. but I get it. If they didn’t add it.. it would be white. This isn’t going to add any coverage by any means. It’s just going to add a hue. I’m actually curious how this shows up on deeper skintones, and very very fair skin tones. If you’re reading this and have tried it, let me know if the comments ! Anyway. I love its very silky formula. It contains a lot of skin loving ingredients and I love that it also plays well with my other favorite skincare products. Nothing drives me crazier than an SPF that doesn’t play well with others. It also reminds me a Supergoop SPF.. their Matte one !

☀️ Paula’s Choice Healthy Glow Invisible Sunscreen Oil SPF 50*: Okay this one took me by surprise and I’ve mentioned this one before on my Instagram. This oil doesn’t feel heavy, it doesn’t smell like that classic SPF smell whatsoever. It’s truly a game changer when it comes to SPF oils. I really thought that this was the last thing I would want on my skin during a hot summer day… an oil LOL. But yeah, it’s not like that all and actually feels like it sinks into the skin.
*gifted without obligation to share / thoughts are forever and always my own

☀️ The Seaweed Bath Co Dewy Skin Face Lotion SPF 30: This is the perfect SPF for lazy days FOR sure. If I just want to get outside or want to reapply an SPF without issue.. this is what I reach for. This creamy white SPF surprisingly blends into the skin without any issue. It feels extremely hydrating and I usually don’t need to add an additional moisturizer beforehand unless I’m feeling hella extra. It has added skincare ingredients too, so it pretty much is an all-in-one kinda product. It contains sustainably harvested seaweed, squalane, HA and peptides, to name a few. If you can’t get your kids or spouse to wear SPF, then I think this could be the one. It also doesn’t have that SPF smell.

☀️ Naturium Dew-Glow Moisturizer SPF 50: This broad spectrum SPF contains ingredients like niacinamide and ethyl ascorbic acid which makes this a great lazy day skincare product like SBC’s. It has a creamy texture like a typical moisturizer and it blends in practically clear & without issue. It does have your classic SPF scent, but it goes away after a while. It works well with my other skincare products without pilling. I love the packaging of this product. Not only the pump, but also cute pump cap that doubles as a measuring cup when you flip it over. Now that’s a way to make sure you’re getting that adequate amount of SPF ! It leaves a healthy, dewy glow and I love wearing it !

I hope you find bulk reviews of this helpful. And please let me know what other vegan SPFs I need to try out next 👀
-Alicia !


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