brightening, hydrating and protecting vegan morning skincare routine

Consistency is key when testing out new skincare and all of these have been a staple in my routine for 3-8 months, in some capacity, or longer. I have combo skin and all of these work well for me to target my concerns ! I need a hydrating base that lasts all day so my skin doesn’t end up feel too dry or too oily. I also want brightening, antioxidant-rich products, plus adequate sun protection from my SPF. And did hoy know vitamin c and SPF are a powerhouse couple when used together ?! This is why I decided on these select products in my morning routine. Hope this helps !

  1. Stella McCartney Beauty Reset Cleanser (repurchased)
  2. Bonajour Green Tea Water Toner*
  3. Naturium Skin Vitamin C Complex Serum
  4. Youth To The People Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate*
  5. Bonajour Peptide Water Cream*
  6. Paula’s Choice Youth Extending Daily Hydration Fluid SPF 50

*some gifted

-Alicia !


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