2019 Skincare Favorites #3: Serums

I’ve enjoyed SO many serums in 2019. Some were actually old favorites from 2018 that traveled on into 2019 with me, and now into 2020 ! Those are the REAL MVPS, haha. And the one’s I’m referring to are, the Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum & D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Serum, Deciem The Ordinary Buffet Serum and the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment ! These will most likely be repurchases unless I stumble across something else !!

Let’s chat about some new finds and favorites from the past year. The Naturally Serious Anti-Fatigue Power Serum was a surprise favorite for me in 2019. I haven’t tried too many ‘glass-skin’ or dewy serums just yet, so I can’t really compare it to others. But honestly, I just love the look & feel it gives my skin. It’s also a decent moisturizer too with ingredients glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, among other humectants and a variety of seed, fruit & leaf extracts. According to NS his can also be applied over makeup for a dewy makeup finish. I haven’t tried that yet… but maybe over a nice tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation for some added radiance ? I’m not opposed ! How do you like to apply your dewy serums ? *gifted

Another surprise favorite was the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra. I’ve had minis of these lying around all year long only reaching for them here and there andddddd ….haven’t been super crazy about it. But let me tell you, when the weather started getting chilly and the air started getting drier… I decided to test it out. And what a serious game changer for dehydrated skin. My skin drinks it right up and looks noticeably plumper too. I dig it !

Farmacy came out with the Very Cherry Bright Vitamin C Serum in 2019 and I’ve really been enjoying my cute, little, sample size. I love the texture of this vitamin c, it’s very jelly-like… and my dry, sometimes dehydrate skin, loves it. This serum actually contains 4 forms of vitamin c to make up the 15%. It also contains peptides and four forms of hyaluronic acid too ! I know some of you might be wondering if this made my skin look brighter since I’ve been using it. Well, perhaps maybe a little ?… but vitamin c results usually take a bit more time & I’d probably need to purchase the full size too. 🍒 vitamin c’s offer other benefits that I’m more interested in than just the brightening anyway. It also helps promote collagen production and can combat UV damage. And over time it can also help with wrinkles, pores and hyperpigmentation.

The Great Barrier Relief serum from Krave Beauty was the most unique serum I tried this past year. It smells like maple syrup to me although others disagree, haha. 😂 The texture feels more like a moisturizer vs a serum, which I like because I tend to wear this product alone when I do wear it anyway ! This is a great product to use if you struggle with skin barrier issues, especially during the winter months. With ingredients like ceramides, phytosterol, and tamanu oil, you know you’re skin will stay protected. I don’t use this THAT often, but it’s great to have on hand when I need to #PressReset , as Krave says, on irritated skin. Which means I’ll probably be reaching for it a lot this winter…

That’s all for my serums. Feel free to ask me any questions about the others that I didn’t go into detail with. Also, I’m currently looking for a new night serum to try out, and I’d love to hear some recommends ! Or, if there are any favorite serums you think I should try in general.. let me know !

-Alicia !


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