HYDR-8 Happiness: Diving into Vegamour’s Hydrating Haircare Line – Reviewing All 5 Products

Have you heard of Vegamour, the vegan and cruelty free haircare brand that’s transforming the hair wellness industry ? They’re known for their GRO Hair Serum, which I’ve personally tried and enjoyed.. I’m sure you’ve seen it on socials ! Since the serum debut, they’ve also released curated collections to target different hair needs from growth, to grays. They even have brow and lash growth serum too. Today, I’ll be sharing my take on their HYDR-8 Collection, a line dedicated to boosting hydration.

Two months ago, I was struggling with hair dryness, and some all over frizz. I’ve been traveling constantly over the last 2 years and the change in weather, climates, seasons, box coloring and lack of haircuts has really done a number on my hair, especially my ends.

I wanted to incorporate hydration and strengthening into my haircare routine without using heavy products that will weigh down my fine, long hair. So, I decided to put Vegamour’s entire HYDR-8 line to the test.

This collection, compared to their others, contains Karmatin™, a vegan silk alternative to keratin formulated without silicones. I love that there’s a vegan replacement for keratin available now ! Other noteworthy ingredients include amino acids, which are good for repairing. There’s also antioxidant rich marula and moringa seed oils included to hydrate and help reduce frizz. There is no SLS or SLES in any of their products. They also all smell like fresh geranium and jasmine with vanilla undertones (besides the oil). The jasmine is a bit more prominent in the shampoo and conditioner and it caught me off guard at first ! Not usually a scent I would go for but it works !

After my first wash with the HYDR-8 Hydrate & Repair Shampoo, I was already impressed. Why ? Well sometimes I can get that dry, stripped feeling after cleansing with shampoos, even the hydrating ones. And with this one, I could instantly feel the moisture soaking into every strand of hair. Sounds dramatic, but the lather texture just does a great job at coating the hair. The matching HYDR-8 Hydrate & Repair Conditioner just took it the whole next level and throughly softened my dry, brittle ends + lingering hair damage. The conditioner didn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down either or that slick, overly moisturized feeling, if you know what I mean.

The HYDR-8 Deep Moisture Repair Mask is my once a week saving grace when my hair really needs some extra deep hydration. Think.. after a day of swimming at the beach, in the sun, all day, and rolling around in the sand. Or when after a day of heavy hair spray and hair products. Yikes. This award winning mask is supposed to provide 7x hydration after one use. And after only a few minutes of it soaking in my hair, I could already tell the difference in my hair texture. It felt silky smooth. I use this thicker, richer mask place of the HYDR-8 Hydrate & Repair Conditioner, and it’s best to leave it on for under 10 minutes. I usually go for about 3-5 minutes since my hair is fine. They don’t recommend sleeping in this hair mask either. 

After my in-shower routine, I spray in the HYDR-8 Leave-In Conditioner on to my towel dried hair, focusing on those drier ends. It has a lovely, milky texture without silicones. This leave-in provides added thermal protection when needed. I usually just let my hair air dry. It also provides other key benefits like detangling, fighting frizz and humidity protection. We are just getting to the humid months, so I’ll have to share an update on this spray during the hottest part of the year ! You can also use this spray on dry hair to refresh any look – I haven’t tried this yet either but will also report back.

When my long hair is *almost* dry, I then add the final product.. the HYDR-8 Weightless Repair Hair Oil. This oil is the star of the entire collection in my opinion. It smells the best too with a woodsy, herbaceous, spicy and sweet blend. The texture reminds me of water, which is so unique compared to other hair oils I’ve tried ! There’s no silicones in this one either. It’s fast absorbing, and I only need one pump for my long, fine hair. It doesn’t add any annoying weight to my hair or make it feel grossly slick. I love that it adds just the right amount of shine, tames any wild girl frizz, seals my split ends, and gives that final finishing touch to my haircare routine.  

Disclaimer: VEGAMOUR was kind enough to send me the entire HYDR-8 line to share my review, but as always thoughts are forever and always my own. Links are not affiliate and solely for the readers benefit.


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