My Face Mask Collection – Combo Skin Approved

You can say I’ve collected many face masks over the past year or so. And…. none of my sheet masks are not even included in this picture. ? Take a moment to guess which one’s are my favorite. Then scroll down to see the answer !

Well whatcha think ?

FOR SURE the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask is one of my favorites. The best part is you don’t even need to wash this mask off. Wooooo. A lazy girls ideal mask. Simply apply an even amount to the skin before bed, if you’d like, and BAM ! happy, hydrated skin in the AM. Ps: the mini size is adorable !

Next up I’d have to pick the Youth To The People Dream Mask. I’ve fallen in love with this brand and everything I’ve tried from them has been beyond amazing. Their Superfood Cleanser is one of my all time FAVE cleansers. If not, THE favorite cleanser.. of-all-time. If you can agree, let me know ! Anyway, this mask is amazing. It’s another one of those masks that you just apply, go to bed and wake up the next morning with soft, glowy, happy skin ! I can’t get enough. I’m about to run out and I would for sure repurchase without a blink.

The Volition Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask is next on the list. This one you do have to wash off after and it can also get a bit messy during application because it’s a gel formula.. but trust me it’s worth the trouble. This mask is perfect for all skin types….from dull, to dry, to oily – even if you’re sensitive. I looooove that this mask never dries down to a weird cakey texture.. it stays gooey and it hydrates well. Your skin will feel so soft and supple afterwords.

Last up we have the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial. This mask is on a whole ‘nother level compared to the last few masks. This one is a combo between 12% AHA’s and 2% BHA’s. It’s going to be great for anyone who has dry, flakey skin. Or someone who has a bit texture that they wanna smooth out. AHA’s and BHA’s gently exfoliate the skin and will help get rid of all of those dead skin cells that can be causing some of your skin issues.. like texture. Immediately after my skin feels super smooth and refreshed. They recommend applying their Marula Oil after rinsing Baby Facial off with lukewarm water. You can do that if you like or use a moisturizer. Just make sure you don’t forget to wear your SPF the next day !! And everyday actually…

If you have any questions about any of the masks pictured, let me know ! I’d be happy to share my thoughts.

*Note to vegans: the Bliss Mint Chip Mania Mask, May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud Mask and the Glow Recipe Avocado Mask are not vegan friendly.



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