My New Favorite Everyday Cleanser

A superfood facial cleanser packed with leafy green extracts and vitamins ? Sign me up.

I first tried the Superfood Cleanser from Youth To The People a couple weeks ago. I had a sample that last several days and after first use… I knew I needed to buy the full size. Immediately.

Once wet, the gel formula transforms into a gentle lather. One pump is good enough for my entire face, and right away you can start to see the makeup break up and dissolve. It removes almost all of my makeup in one go (sometimes I need one more go for the heavy mascara and eyeliner, or I just use my eye makeup remover for those stubborn areas). This cleanser is PH balanced, meaning it wont leave your skin feeling dry or stripped afterword, just refreshed & clean.

I currently have combo skin, mostly oily on the forehead. My face feels so clean after cleansing, and I haven’t had any issue with dryness or tightness after washing it off.

I love the ingredients in this cleanser, it’s basically an antioxidant power house salad for your face ! Of course there’s no phthalates, parabens or sulfates. It’s vegan and cruelty-free ! I also wanted to point out that I really love that this product comes in a glass bottle. I can’t wait to repurpose it afterwords or just recycle.

What’s your go-to everyday cleanser ? 

-Alicia !





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