Tatcha The Silk Canvas Review

Friends !! I’ve been waiting a couple weeks now for these blossoms to bloom and spring to arrive.. just so I could take some gorgeous pictures of the new Silk Canvas Primer from Tatcha. I really wanted to showcase this incredibly beautiful product & packaging to it’s elegant matching background. And I think I succeeded !

Inspired by Geisha skincare rituals in Japan and the soft wax they use as a final step in the skincare routine, this primer was created. It retails for $52 both on the Tatcha website & Sephora. You receive 20g of product inside this sleek flat shaped jar with screw on lid. The packaging looks & feels very luxurious, as do all products from Tatcha.

Tatcha states that this is a multi-purpose primer that can be used all over the face, including eyes and lips. It’s for all skin types, mostly targeting those who have fine lines/wrinkles, uneven texture, and pores. The Silk Canvas acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, helping reduce clogged pores, future breakouts and the daily pollution/toxins.

Although this primer looks like it’s going to have a very thick consistency in the packaging, it’s actually a very soft, creamy-like balm. A little goes a long way with this product and according to Tatcha, you actually only need a rice grain amount for your entire face.  When I apply it to my face I like to press it into the skin, using the warmth from my fingers to blend it in. This light pink balm blends seamlessly into the skin and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, just soft, smoothy, and silky.

I find that when I use this primer, I actually use less foundation than normal. On that note, I’d like to mention that I don’t think this primer works with every and all foundations. It works perfectly with my Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation, and my Wet N Wild Photo Focus. But looks super cake-y with my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation and I’m not sure why that is or what ingredients are counteracting against each other. I honestly don’t mind though, because now that I know this happens, I will just use a different primer or no primer at all on those days.

When I use the primer on my eyes, my eye shadows blend easier, look more pigmented, last a lot longer & I don’t get any weird creasing throughout the day.

The eyeshadows just slide on without any effort, look more pigmented (especially that green) and also have a touch of sheen to them.

Overall, I do really enjoy this primer and it has adapted it’s way into my everyday skincare routine. Summer is approaching and I will be putting this to the test during those warmer summer months. I’m hoping that it keeps my makeup in place when it’s hot, and looking fresh too.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a new primer to help with pores, prevent breakouts and want your makeup to last all day (I mean who doesn’t), then I think it’s worth trying out.

Let me know if you plan on purchasing this or if you’re already using it ! Do you love it? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

-Alicia !


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