6 Months of Petit Vour Subscription Boxes: Was It Worth it?

Six months ago I was looking for a monthly subscription box service to introduce me to some brand spankin’ new cruelty-free and/or vegan beauty products. During my search, I came across several subscription box services including Vegan Cuts, Love Goodly, Good Being and Petit Vour. While I would have LOVED to have a subscription service with all these companies, I decided to go with Petit Vour for many reasons.

One reason being the price. If you live in the US, it’s $18 a month. Or, you can pay for the whole year up front for $180 and only pay $15 a box. Compared to the other cruelty-free & vegan subscription boxes, this was the best, most affordable deal I could find. There is also an option to gift the box for a set number of months, which makes this a great gifting option for any beauty lover.

Petit Vour features luxury beauty brands and products. I love this because I wanted to find NEW products and brands, beyond the companies that sell at my local health food stores or Target.

I love that Petit Vour is a monthly subscription. Some other subscription services can be every other monthly or seasonally. I really enjoy checking my mail box at the end of every month looking for my Petit Vour box. I also really liked the size of this box. It fits right inside my mailbox so I didn’t have to worry about it sitting out all day while I was at work or wasn’t home when it was delivered.

Every month I would receive between 4-5 beauty products ranging anywhere from skincare to body care and occasionally, some makeup items. I do wish there were more makeup items every month, at least a lipstick, lipgloss, or blush. BUT, what’s actually interesting is the month before I signed up, there was a full size Au Naturale matte lip stain that I missed out on !  I do also wish I received some hair care items like shampoo or conditioner (to be fair, only my most recent box had a dedicated hair care item and it was a volume mousse). Now of course these are all just personal preferences, and I truly have enjoyed all of my boxes over the last 6 months.

I would recommend Petit Vour to anyone who is looking for an affordable monthly cruelty-free, vegan subscription box service. Check out more about Petit Vour here.

Here are some favorite items:

Hope you found this helpful !!

-Alicia !

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