I Tried All Three GXVE Beauty Red Lip Formulas So You Don’t Have To

I tried all three GXVE Beauty lip formulas and here are my first impression thoughts 💭 

I found this mini lip kit at Marshall’s for less than $8. It looks like it’s no longer online on Sephora’s site.. but still available on GXVE’s when in stock

Minis are truly my favorite way to test product. I’m thrilled that I found this ! If you can find this, it’s worth it to test all the formulas for yourself too ! 

1. First lip swatch is shade ‘Original Recipe’ in the Im Still Here Matte Liquid Lipstick formula. Overall this is my favorite out of the three. It’s a *touch* drying, but doesn’t slip and slide all over the lips. It’s not transfer proof, but it’s comfortable and lightweight. I like the applicator and the mousse-y formula. 

2. Second lip swatch is the shade ‘Original Recipe’ in the High Performance Matte Lipstick bullet 💄 I think I expected this to be more matte ? It still has a minor sheen to it IMO but overall still very beautiful on the lips. Also very comfortable. I think I’d prefer to use a liner with this lipstick since it does move around a little bit. I do want to try more colors in this formula ! 

3. Last up and last lip swatch is the shade ‘Original Recipe’ in the formula Anaheim Shine Satin Lipstick 💄 This one was my leasttttt favorite *because* they state all of these shades are true reds, but this one unfortunately pulled very pink. Even layered. Check out the lipstick kiss on my hand … you can see the comparison to the lipstick bullet in my hand and the kiss. So pink !! I’d also recommend a lip liner with this one too since the formula is very slippery ..and does move around on the lips. Bummed the red isn’t what I had hoped for.

Original Recipe Anaheim Shine (pulls pink)

Can’t wait to try more from this brand !

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