Little Ondine Nail Polish Review

Hey friends, are you looking for cruelty-free, vegan, toxin-free, scentless nail polish ? Then you might want to try Little Ondine natural nail polishes ! These are water based, chemical free polishes that you simply peel off when you’re ready for a new shade.

I tried these unique nail polishes for the first time a year ago, and also brought them on vacation with me to Thailand. They’re super travel friendly because you don’t even need nail polish remover to take them off (nail polish remover is one more product you don’t need in your liquids bag). I brought three shades with me on my trip and switched out my nail colors with ease.

How to Use Little Ondine:

The polish should last on your finger nails anywhere from 3 days to a week. And could last up to a month on your toes (at least for me !) I find that the polish on the toes last a lot longer because they aren’t exposed to water as frequently as our hands.

To get the best wear time out of these natural polishes, I recommend:
  • Push back cuticles, clean and dry your hands before painting
  • Wipe your nail beds with rubbing alcohol to remove the natural oils
  • Paint at least 2-3 layers and cover the nail edge, let dry between coats and use the Little Ondine Top + Base Coat
Other tips for longer wear time:
  • Paint your nails before bed so they have time to cure. Otherwise, try not to get your hands wet for the first hour and try to avoid warm water for 3 hours
  • Be careful not to apply the polish on the cuticle or edges of skin because this could cause the polish to lift
  • If any polished nails lift, but you’re not ready to change the color, simply peel away and reapply
Removing Little Ondine:
  • Remove the polish by gently peeling from side to side
  • If the polish seems a little difficult to remove, especially on the toes, try soaking the nails in warm water
  • If the polish still seems difficult to remove after soaking, you can use nail polish remover (personally I’ve only had to do this with a couple toe nails that were very stubborn after about 4 weeks of wear)
The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re looking for a more natural everyday nail polish, looking to use a little less chemicals in general, or maybe even just looking for an easier way to switch up your polish throughout the week – Little Ondine polishes are worth trying out.

Pros – Water-based polish, odor-free, containing no chemicals. Easy to peel off when ready to change colors. Dries quickly. Doesn’t chip like regular polishes do.

Cons – Convenience overrides longevity with these – doesn’t last as long as gel polish.

You can purchase Little Ondine polishes for $15 CAD from a good friend of mine at Naked Kitty Naturals, and if you use code ‘ALICIA’ you can save 10% on your purchase ! Let’s all support smaller businesses together.

-Alicia !

*These polishes were sent to me for review, all opinions are 100% my own



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