Petit Vour Unboxing | March Edition

Are you guys ready for another Petit Vour subscription box review ? I was actually quiet surprised to see what I received in the March Box ! This was the first time I received a haircare product, an eyeshadow, and an actual beauty tool. Stoked !! Check out all the goodies below:

Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse ($16, Full-Size $27): I have fine hair that tends to lay flat on the top of my head. This mousse gave me just a tiny bit of volume, and it was all the volume I needed to pump up my flat hair and “feed my roots”. I love that this was a mousse rather than a root spray. It was easy to work with, didn’t leave and residue behind, make my scalp itchy and smells great! I don’t have any complaints. This is repurchase worthy for sure.


Konjac Sponge Co. 100% Pure Konjac Angel Cloth ($16): I absolutely love this squishy sponge-cloth concoction. I’ve used konjac sponges before and didn’t really care for it, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one. One of my first thoughts before I opened the packaging, was that it was going to be really dense & rough to use on my face. But to my surprise, once the cloth was wet, it became super soft and squishy ! I tried this alone with water only to just exfoliate the skin. Then I tried adding my favorite cleanser to the sponge as well. When the cloth was wet, I added the cleanser, lathered it for a few seconds, and then I was able to create this luscious foamy cleansing cloth out of a gel facial cleanser. My skin felt so clean and soft after using it this was. And because of that, this is now my new favorite way to cleanse my face ! According to the package, this cloth could last me about 3 months before it starts to break down. The packaging also says to store it somewhere it can dry. I haven’t really found anywhere in my bathroom to hang it, so I’ve just been rolling or folding it on top of the wrapper for now, which works for the time being. I would totally repurchase this, and I’ve been interested in the body cloths now too !

Everyday Minerals Velvet Eyeshadow in Fresh Glowing ($6): This shadow was not my cup of tea to be honest. It’s a loose shadow with a shifter and we all know, with one wrong move.. this loose powder could explode everywhere in an instant. Loose powder shadows are not something I gravitate towards when it comes to eyeshadow. It can be difficult to apply, especially when using a brush. I ended up using my fingers to pack it on the eye area. It has a very subtle shimmer & sheen to it, but it’s not that pigmented. Not a fave in the March Box. Whoomp, whoomp, whoomp…

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil ($10, Full-Size $82): I love using this argan oil as a step in my nighttime routine. After the rest of my evening skincare is complete, I pat this argan oil all over my face with my finger tips. The next morning, my skin feels super soft, hydrated and not greasy. According to the packaging you can can also add this to hair to calm frizz.

Every box introduces me to many new cruelty-free luxury brands. I’m totally loving that every month there’s fresh stuff to learn about and try !

-Alicia !



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