The Glossier Showroom in Manhattan + The Phase 2 Set

Just this past weekend I was in Manhattan and had a chance to visit the Glossier Showroom for the first time ! Unfortunately I didn’t snag any super cool pics of the showroom. BUT, I did snag some cool products ! I ended up getting the Phase 2 set, which includes their 3 best sellers, Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G – Matte Lip Color… originally I wanted to get just one product… the Boy Brow, buttttttt realized Phase 2 was a better deal all together. All 3 products in the kit came to $40 plus tax, and Boy Brow alone was $16. Essentially, I saved about $12 dollars total by getting the kit. So, I like to think of it as Boy Brow was pretty much free !

The showroom looked just like Glossier’s packaging, baby pink and white everything. It was located at 123 Lafayette St, not to far from Chinatown. And you cant miss the large white Glossier banners hanging above the entrance way or the short line of 6 to 7 Glossier fans waiting out front. I honestly didn’t expect there to be a line but the showroom itself is pretty small, so I can totally see why they have people wait. The associate said it would be about a 10 minute wait, and it was just that. Once it was my groups turn to enter in, she directed us to take the elevator to the penthouse (6th floor I believe).

Once the elevator doors open you’ll see a small to medium sized white room with several white square waist height pillars that have the products strategically displayed. They were all testers for you to play with. They also had mirrors on the walls or small mirrors on these pillars for you to use to try out the products. There was also a large white sink with skincare products displayed on both sides for you to play with as well. I love that everything was hands on like Sephora.

When you were ready to purchase, you just had to snag an associates attention (dressed in a baby pink jumpsuit). They have Glossier product notepads where they will check mark and circle all the items you wish to purchase. You then have to head over to the cashier to grab your goodies and cash out. Once they see what items you have requested to purchase on that little sheet of paper, they head back into the stock room and pick out all of the products you wanted. When the associate comes back out to the register, they have it bagged up, and ready to go. I thought this was a genius idea ! Kept everything very simple, and organized. It also keeps people from opening packaged products and testing them out.. then putting them back in the packaging… gross.

I thought visiting the showroom was a wonderful experience. I totally recommend it to any Glossier fans, or just people curious in general to check it out when they’re in NYC next. This was my first experience to not only the show room, but testing out and purchasing Glossier products !

Now let’s talk about the Phase 2 set. I just had a chance to try out the products for about a week now. Ready for my thoughts ?

First I want to mention that I love the box the products came in ! It’s a beautiful white box with a very soft finish. It also has a magnetic closure. Will be for sure using this box for other things ! Soooo nice & was totally not expecting that !

The Stretch Concealer is very creamy. I applied it just as recommended, using the warmth from my fingers to warm up the product in the pot, then patting it on areas of redness or dark circles. The concealer claims to be build-able and does build well. I had to do about 3 layers to get a decent amount of coverage for my dark circles, but only one layer for my redness around my nose or cheek area. I thought it blended into the skin nicely and didn’t look like I was wearing anything. I love that Glossier strives for this no-makeup makeup look. It’s something I have been really feelin’ lately and it’s so easy to do for an everyday kinda thing. My new favorite thing to do is wear a nice CC cream (currently re-loving the It Cosmetics CC Cream in the shade Light) all over then applying the Stretch Concealer in the places that need more coverage. It’s been my go-to combo for the last several days !

Boy Brow* is a tinted brow gel that is very easy to apply… too much of. My brows are very light and almost nonexistent on my face. So I really need that extra love in the brow area when I’m getting ready for the day. I think… honestly, I just need more time to play around with this product before I can give it my thoughts. I did end up applying to much of it when I wore it for the first time and needed to used a eye brow brush to blend it out a little better. Other than that, it stayed put all day long, my brows were a little stiff/crunchy, but I think that’s my fault. I’m very much used to my brow powders, so brow gels like this are very new too me. And… I think there’s a learning curve. I’ll have to get back to you on this one. Stay tuned for an update in this post or a future post.

*Already have an update on Boy Brow, mid way writing this post I decided to go apply it, this time I defined the areas of my brows that really need it, like the bottom portion of my arch and the tail end. Then I applied Boy Brow all over the rest of the brow area. Totally like this method more ! Sucks that I still have to use my everyday brow product with Boy Brow, but I’ll survive. If you have very dark brows already but maybe you’re just looking to set them into place with a tint of color, then you’ll love this product ! I think I’m slowly starting to get a hang of this !

The Generation G Matte Lip Color in the shade Jam is such a perfect grape jelly color ! It really does remind me of grape jelly. A couple things I really like about this lip color is that it’s build-able. If you want a lighter shade, you can just apply it with your fingers and blot it on the lips, or if you want more of a bolder, darker shade you can apply several layers. It doesn’t last that long on the lips throughout the day, but it does leave a slight lip tint behind, which I love. I do like to apply a lip balm before applying this lip color. It’s really just a personal preference because my lips are occasionally dry. Oh ! and I also applied this lightly on the cheeks as cream blush, and totally love the look ! I love when you can multi-use products !

In the picture below you’ll see 2 different swatches. The swatch on top is the lip color layered several times, and the bottom swatch it one swipe.

Can’t wait to try more from Glossier ! I also can’t wait to see what else they come out with !

-Alicia !

(A+ on packaging ! So cuteeeeeee !)



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