The Newest Launch From Youth To The People: The Unity Exfoliant

Who else has been enjoying the Youth To The People Unity Exfoliant*?!

👋🏻👀 Me, me, me ! 

Why hello friends, we have some new skincare to talk about today. I know many of you have already gotten your hands on this newest launch from Youth To The People and have been putting it to the test. Same here !

First, I loveeee the medicinal scent ! I wasn’t expecting that upon first whiff, but I do like it.. a lot ! 

Lots of goodie ingredients in this Unity blend. And they’re all there to help with any skin textural issues and reducing the look of dark spots… all while supporting the skins barrier and not leaving it stripped. 

It feels great on the skin for me. It’s a very refreshing lightweight liquid. I like that it sinks into the skin nicely and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue whatsoever. This is a hugeeee win for me. Not a fan of the stickiness when it comes to toners…. or any skincare really ! 

Looking forward to testing this out longer and seeing the results. 👍🏻 

-Alicia !

*pr/ thoughts are my own 


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