2019 Skincare Favorites #7: SPFS + The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut

I’ve tried a lot of mineral based SPF samples in 2019 and these are my two favorites out of the bunch. Enough so that I ended up purchasing full sizes ! Other SPFs that I’ve tried would not work with certain foundations/concealers (they would pill), they’d leave me with a white cast, or would feel ‘heavy’ on the skin.

First up is the Coola Mineral Sun Silk Crème. This oil-free, lightweight formula contains 15.0% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, broad spectrum SPF 30 and Coola’s proprietary blend to battle against modern world aggressors like blue light & pollution. It blends right into the skin, which is unlike any other sunscreen that I’ve tried before. It also works extremely well with makeup & I’ve never had an issues. One thing that I will point out, is that it can dry quickly during application.. so I only apply it to small areas at a time, and then blend that area in before moving onto the next. ⁣

My second favorite is the Supergoop 100% Mineral Smooth & Poreless Matte Screen ! I love using this one if I want more of a matte SPF (especially during summer). The texture is very fluffy, which is also unlike any other SPF I’ve tried before. This one does have very slight tint that Supergroup recommends wearing it alone if you want that ‘no makeup-makeup’ kinda look. But honestly, I find it to be so translucent that it doesn’t really leave my skin with a ‘tint’ at all. It doubles as a really nice primer tho ! I like how the formula isn’t white, and I also like how it doesn’t leave a sticky feel on the skin. It contains SPF 40, Argan oil for moisturizing, and also Butterfly Bush Extract to help protect against blue light.⁣

This year I’m looking to find a more cheaper, drug store alternative. Send me your recommends if there’s any from indie brands or drugstore brands that you like ! I’d be happy to check em out. 👌🏻

Here’s the ones that didn’t make the cut ! They either didn’t suit my skin type, I didn’t care for the texture or some other reason listed below:
  1. REN Clean Skin Mattifying SPF 30: Not a fan at all. It’s sticky and it leaves a horrible white cast.
  2. Murad City Skin Age Defense SPF 50: This is actually a really nice SPF, but I can’t get over the pricetag of this one. $68 is pretty extreme. But if the price tag doesn’t bother you, then I’d give this one a try. It’s a really nice option if you have dry skin and/or sensitive skin.
  3. Tarte Tarteguard SPF 30: Okay – I loved this formula SO MUCH. But the new packaging doesn’t have a date posted on it ? The old packaging did, right on the bottom of the bottle, but this one doesn’t. I’ve checked all the one’s in Sephora that were stocked… same thing. No dates ! I tried contacting Tarte via Twitter & email about it, but never heard back…. very disappointing and kinda annoyed about that. There needs to be an expiration date for spf….
  4. Drunk Elephant SPFs (Umbra Tinte & Umbra Sheer): They all felt very weird on the skin & heavy to me. I just felt like I needed to wash my face after wearing these two.
  5. Supergoop UNSEEN SPF 40: This is a really nice chemical SPF. Unfortunately, I’m only looking for mineral sunscreens. But, this would be great if you’re looking for a chemical SPF that’s practically invisible on the skin & feels weightless.
  6. Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer SPF 47: This one isn’t vegan ! I’m super bummed because the formula is very moisturizing and I love the texture. Too bad, so sad. If Josie made this a vegan formula, I’d buy it in a heartbeat ! I believe Josie Maran does have a body SPF that is vegan tho !

We have one more 2019 Favorites post to go ! Any idea what the last category could be ?

See you then,

-Alicia !


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