Glossier Boy Brow vs MILK Kush Brow

First things first. If you’re looking for a vegan, cruelty-free eye brow tamer, gel, thickener, tinted brow gel, all-in-one-go-to brow product…. then look no further.. just pick up Milk Makeup’s Kush Brow ! If you’re not looking for a vegan product, then keep reading !

So, the Glossier Boy Brow has been a favorite brow product of mine for yeaaaars now. But less than a year & a half ago I went vegan, and since then I’ve decided to start transitioning my favorite non-vegan beauty products into vegan ones !  A challenge for sure I’d say since so many products contain animal derived ingredients. I can’t/won’t just throw everything away and start over…that’s just silly & wasteful. I’m finally finishing up some old favorites, like my Boy Brow and decided to branch out and try some of Milk’s products. Did you know that everything from Milk Makeup is vegan !? Their Kush Brow is one of their newest cannabis oil infused makeup product in the Kush lineup. I would actually recommend checking out the entire Kush range for sure ! Especially the mascara & Hydro Grip Primer, both are my current favorites.

The Glossier Boy Brow is only sold at Glossier, either in their flagship/pop up stores or online. It retails for for $16 and you get 0.11oz of product. The main ingredient in this brow product is beeswax and carnauba wax.

Milk’s Kush Brow is sold at Sephora, on Milk’s website and maybe some other online retailers ? It retails for $18 and you get 0.15oz of product. The main ingredient is cannabis seed oil.

Both of these brow products contain some similar ingredients including water as the first ingredient, plus other ingredients like, PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), glyceryl stearate, and magnesium aluminium silicate.

Both come in a series of 3 tinted shades plus a clear shade. I have Dark Brown from Glossier and Dutch from Milk.

Both tiny itty bitty brushes on both look the same, but the Kush brush is a bit more tapered. And the Boy Brow brush is a bit softer and denser than Kush. I actually prefer the Boy Brow brush a little more, but both work flawlessly.


Consistency wise, Boy Brow is more creamy, liquidy and flexible than Kush Brow. Kush Brow’s formula is a little bit thicker, but I feel like it clings and grips more to the hairs than Boy Brow. I would say Boy Brow is more of a liquidy pomade and Kush Brow is more of a gel-ish pomade.

They both hold the brow hairs well throughout the day. I can’t feel either on my brow hairs unless I really pack on the color. Neither of my brows feel crunchy or super stiff after they dry down. Neither flake.

Overall, I think they’re both great brow products whether you’re wearing them alone on bare brows or layering them with your fave eyebrow pencils/powders. Personally, I don’t think you’d be disappointed by either one. I’d love to hear your thoughts !