A Modern Stay at Hotel Monville Montreal

If you’re looking for a modern, chic, inexpensive, pet-friendly hotel in downtown Montreal, just a walk away from major attractions… then look no further than Hotel Monville.

We stayed at Monville for two nights, minus a few hiccups at check-in, we had a pretty pleasant experience. Upon entering the lobby we were instantly ‘wowed’ by the modern elegance. The layout wasn’t a typical hotel lobby, which made this hotel even more unique than it already was. Floor to ceiling windows, interesting light wood ceiling structures, huge couches with pillows for lounging, and an endless numbers of tucked away booths with tables & chairs. There was a bar on the other end and the entire feel of the hotel lobby was very relaxed.

We noticed a small line at the front desk when we walked in, probably other people who were looking to check-in like us. We decided to try the self check in kiosk, hoping we could get into our room quicker, but it told us our room wasn’t ready yet. “Interesting.” We both thought. It was already past the 4pm check-in time.

We decided to ask staff, but they said the same thing and they also didn’t have an estimated time on when the room would actually be ready. I had high hopes that it would be quick, but it took about an hour. We wanted to refresh ourselves and head out into the city before it got too late. Luckily the lounge & bar area was pleasant and comfortable enough to wait in, even with our small dog.

When we finally got the room key we couldn’t wait to check out the room. We were hoping for a decent city view. And we got just that. Our room was petit, typical for a city hotel room, with an amazing view of the city. We had everything we needed in our room, including a mini fridge, a small space to hang clothes, a desk, espresso machine (YES !!), a safe, 50″ TV, small bathroom with a rainfall stand up shower, and of course, a cozy bed. The best part – the entire wall was a window, which was amazing. With the sun beaming, and the view – we were instantly put into better moods after the long wait in the lobby.

We refreshed and hit the city for dinner. I lovedddd the location of this hotel because you’re in walking distance to almost everywhere you’d want to go, Notre-Dame Bisilica, Old Montreal, lots and lots of shopping. Mount Royal is still a hike away but totally do-able.

Our first night was excellent. The shower was pretty standard but I did enjoy the rainfall shower. I loved the Oneka natural bath products that were offered, especially the shampoo and conditioner.

To close off the shower and toilet area to the rest of the room, there was a sliding barn door that we didn’t see at first. It was something unique. We personally didn’t need to use it, but I figured that I’d note it on here. The bed was super comfortable, I think I fell asleep right away.

The next morning I made a little coffee from the espresso maker and enjoyed it overlooking the beautiful city.

Our dog, Pepe, did also enjoyed the stay at the hotel. I think he also appreciated the big wall to wall window so he could look out at the city all day long. The pet was fee was $50 CAD per day.

Also, I minus well take this opportunity to talk about parking. The hotel does offer valet parking at a steep cost. I’d recommend looking for parking in the nearby area like we did. We found parking for almost half the price at an indoor garage just by Googling it.

Overall, my boyfriend and I enjoyed our stay at Monville. We would stay there again, hopefully with a quicker check-in next time.

-Alicia !


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