My First Petit Vour Subscription Box Unboxing ! | October Edition


OKAY. I know this post is VERY late. But, how does that saying go ? Better late than never ? Yeah I think so ! And also, to be fair, I did post my unboxing photos on Instagram first ! The video and this post were just delayed.

Actually, let me take that back ! I think I also posted the pictures late too !


Well either way ! Here I am. Hahaha.

So, for those of you that may not have heard of Petit Vour, I’ll give you some info. Petit Vour is a cruelty-free & vegan online store and they also provide a monthly beauty box subscription ! In this monthly box you can expect to receive  $45-$60 worth of products and about 4-5 non-toxic products.

Here is what I received in my first EVER Petit Vour monthly subscription box !

  • Kani Botanicals Moon Milk ($13, full-size is $38) – This oil smells so amazing. I’m not normally a jasmine fan, but since this is a jasmine & tuberose blend, it just smells so heavenly. The glitter bits feel a little grainy a first, but after rubbing the oil into your skin, the grainy glitter bits disappear and it leaves behind a very light gorgeous glow.
  • Mai Couture Highlighting Papiers ($6, full-size is $18) – These papers were probably the coolest thing in the box. I have never used anything like this before in my life, so it really had me intrigued. The pigment is very light and the papers are delicate (almost like a blotting paper texture). Fun for travel or tossing into your bag.
  • Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme Masque ($11, full-size is $42) – I’ve only tried this once so far. My skin felt very spicy I must say. At first it did feel like it was burning, but the sensation disappeared after a bit. It’s supposed to rejuvenate the skin and transform dull completions into brighter ones. I haven’t seen anything like that in one use, but my skin did feel soft afterwords. I’ll have to try it a few more times and get back to ya.
  • Poetic Blend Ghost Oil ($10, full size is $50) – This oil absorbs so quickly, I love it ! I’ve been using this as a makeup remover and it works amazingly. I’m actually already half way through this tiny bottle. This oil is dry and weightless, and a little goes a long way. This multi-purpose oil can be used as your daily moisturizer, shaving oil, cuticle oil, and the list goes on and on. Oh yeah, and it’s scentless… which makes it perfect for you if you’re sensitive to scents !
  • Plant Apothecary “Get Happy” Body Wash ($7, full size is $20) – Mint-tastic ! This stuff smells soooooo good. It’s very refreshing and clean smelling which just makes you.. well… happy ! Great body wash hands down. It lathers nicely, it’s free of harsh chemicals and smells great, what more do ya need ?

-Alicia !


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