How I Clean My Beauty Sponges ASMR

Hey friends ! Today’s vid is all about cleaning those nasty little beauty sponges. This is SUPER easy to do so there’s no excuse ! And the best part, you only need a couple of items, or really just one item….. the other is completely optional ! (you can also use this method for your brushes too !)

All you’ll need is a nice bar of soap, I like to use Dr. Bronner’s. And you’ll need a travel soap case – to not only store the soap when you’re not using it, but then you can also take your soap on the go when you’re traveling !!

I usually clean my sponge right after I finish using it for the day. Cleaning it right away helps me remember to clean it & then it’s ready when I need to use it next.

Hope this helps….. & happy cleaning !

-Alicia !


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