Get Moisturized!


The skin on my face is ALWAYS in need of constant hydration. I think I overall just need to drink more water, ahem, note to self. In all actuality, I think my facial skin just takes the most abuse compared to the skin on my legs or arms. Simply from make up application, then make up removal, followed by exfoliation, weather changes, daily toxins, yadda yadda. So! With that said, I’m always on the search for wonderful, bullshit free moisturizers/day creams/eye creams and these 4 have been circulating my face(literally) the past few months.

Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturizer has been my hero for my stubborn dry chin and nose area. I just pack it on my most dry areas and I’m flake free all day. Origins* A Perfect World for Eyes Firming Moisture Treatment has for sure put out the creasing fire under my eyes and has really smoothed things out/keeping my under eye area firm and moisturized. Alba Botanica Good & Healthy Anti Oil Weightless Moisture Lotion is sooo wonderful on my forehead/cheek/neck area. I honestly can say my face has not been an oil slick since I started using this lotion. My forehead tends to get very oily throughout the day. If you can’t tell, I have combination skin! And last but not least, Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture cream. This is just a wonderful product if you wanna just feel that hydration. I use this one in place of the Alba Botanica Good & Healthy Anti Oil cream, depending on what kind of make-up I’m wearing that day or what my activities will be that day.  My skin just drinks this stuff. Well my skin just drinks all these products actually!

It’s amazing when you find skin products that work so well for your skin and your wallet! It has for sure taken some trial and error for me to finally find these 4 moisturizers. I recommend trying different products before picking a winner for everyday. I went thru many unfitting ones before I found these winners!
*Future 2020 self: Origins is no longer cruelty-free. It’s kinda fun seeing where I was on my blog in 2015

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