My body, mind and life in general have all changed for the better since going vegan.

Physically, I have less stomach aches, less itchy eczema flareups, and better poops.

Mentally, I feel like I can accomplish anything. And I feel less sluggish overall. I can decipher food labels faster than a bullet. I can veganize almost anything now into a masterpiece, especially with all the plant based alternatives that exist today.. compared to seven years ago.

BUT at the end of the day …I didn’t make this lifestyle switch solely for me and the benefits. I did it for the animals.

It’s always been about the animals. Someone has to be the voice for the voiceless.

This lifestyle isn’t THAT complex though. I think a lot of people immediately feel intimidated and barely give it a try. There’s also a lot of negative ideology attached with veganism that isn’t necessarily true. Yes, you can become a bodybuilder on a vegan diet and no, soy will not give you boobs 🙄 

In life, we adapt and grow accustomed to various experiences, including this one. Building a reliable and nurturing support system is crucial, even though it may not be readily available to everyone. But there are many online groups and resources. When I went vegan…Shit, when I went veg even.. I knew no one doing this. It wasn’t until about 2 years in I finally met a girl who was vegan. It’s inevitable that mistakes may occur, as none of us are flawless. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve accidentally eaten non vegetarian, non vegan ingredients by accident once or twice. Nonetheless, the key lies in making a meaningful impact and striving for positive changes.

I’m excited to share an exquisite assortment of vegan dishes pictured below to celebrate my vegan anniversary. These delicious creations display the incredible versatility and innovation found in plant-based cuisine. Yes we eat more than salads and avocado toast. Join me as I continue to share more of my vegan lifestyle outside of the beauty realm and dab into more of the foodie scene. Prepare to drool. I miss all of these places and can’t wait to share more dedicated posts on them !!

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-Alicia !


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