Petit Vour Unboxing | December Edition

December’s Petit Vour box had SO many goodies and products that needed a little more time to try out like the brow serum, which I’ll talk about down below. I received one full size product in this month’s box.

December’s box included:

  • Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum ($16, Full Size $36) – So, this is a brow serum that helps promote the appearance of richer eyebrows by stimulating the hair follicles and improving hair luster. Which is exactly what I need for my almost nonexistent brows. At first I had mixed feelings on this brow serum. But then thought to myself, well, if this actually works then that’s freakin’ amazing. After about a week of using this religiously I did notice my brows were a tad bit darker. At first I thought it was just a placebo effect and I was just hoping it would work. But I think this stuff is actually working. I’ve also noticed some hairs growing where they haven’t in years. I’ll have to continue to try this stuff out.
  • Ursa Major Golden Hour ($6, Full Size $48) – This is a deep hydrating face cream that is supposed to feel lightweight on the skin. And I couldn’t agree more. This was one of my favorite products from this months box. It has a very herby, earthy scent, which I love.  A teeny tiny amount is all you need to truly nourish the skin. I love applying this in my t-zone where I’m the most dehydrated this time of year. My nose especially. I love that it absorbs so quickly into the sky and leaves it hydrated all day under makeup.
  • Odacite Synergie [4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque ($6, Full Size $59) – This is DIY mask and this single packet is great for multiple uses. The packet contains the powdered mask and you simply mix it with water to get your desired consistency. This process can get pretty messy, but it’s kinda fun ! I’ve used it twice and still have enough for a couple more masks. It dries quick on the skin and rinses off very easily. My skin afterword does feel tightened and almost dried out, if that makes sense. I used it a second time and the same thing happened. It just made me want to apply a moisturizer immediately afterword. Because of that tightened, dry feeling after and nothing else.. I don’t think I’d repurchase this or continue to use it.
  • True Moringa Lip Whip in ‘Truth’ (Full Size $16) – At first, I thought this lip whip was very stiff and hated the smell. After I used it several times it became more creamier, and the smell doesn’t bother me so much. The pink shade is very sheer, and gives a natural pink flush and gloss to my lips, which I like.  I think it’s very nourishing and feels great on the lips ! It’s perfect for that subtle pop of color. I’ve really been into tinted lip balms and what not lately, so Ii was nice to see a full size product like this in my December Box.
  • Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra Natural Mascara ($10, Full Size $22) – This mascara is okay. I felt that it did a great job at tinting the lashes, but that’s about it. I didn’t really like the brush, it had a twisted look to it but I didn’t think it really did anything extra compared to a regular mascara wand. I have other favorite mascara’s that I prefer over this one, so I probably wont be reaching for this one in the future.

January’s box should arrive any day now. I already got a sneak peak into the box and cant wait for it to arrive !

-Alicia !


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