Follow Your Inspiration


If you’re inspired to do something, do it. If you want to paint, go borrow or buy the supplies and paint. If you want to travel, work your butt off to pay for those plane tickets and travel. If you want to go to school, make moves and go to school. If you want to cook a great recipe, go buy the ingredients to cook that great recipe. The point is, don’t let anything stand in your way from doing something if you’re inspired to do it. But it all starts with you. There is no greater feeling than standing on a white sandy beach or standing in the middle of a bright big city and realizing where you are at that moment and how hard you worked to get there. There is no greater feeling than finishing up a painting, standing back and staring at that painting; realizing what masterpiece you just created. There is nothing that feels better than creating really great food and sharing it with friends and family; seeing their reaction on how wonderful whatever it is that you made tastes……. or even maybe ……not so wonderful. But that’s OK, because any forms of failure teach us a little bit more about ourselves and we learn from our mistakes. 

Randomly a few weeks ago I had the urge to paint. Bob Ross happened to be on the Create channel, which is a public television channel I watch regularly. I’ve watched Bob Ross before but something about this particular time had me inspired to paint! So after my work shift, I went to the craft store and picked up supplies. I made a wacky set up at home using weights and a towel. And painted! I painted for almost 4 hours! My boyfriend, who is actually a painter, was wowed by what I created! When I finished, and took a step back, I was wowed too. “I created that?”, I asked myself.
The following night I painted again! Til I ran out of paint! I never painted with oil paints before but I really wanted to and I was inspired! Thanks Bob Ross. 🙂
My point is paint, my point is draw, my point is create, my point is travel,  my point is cook, my point is don’t let those inspired moments pass you by. Feed on those moments. 


– Alicia!


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