My First Youth To The People PR Box !!

In this gorgeous box we have their new Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask and a full-size of their cleanser.

Ohhhhhhh Youth To The People … I remember working my first shift at Sephora and discovering them. I quickly noticed their glass packaging, their brand message and of course.. learning that they are cruelty-free and entirely VEGAN ! Yes, damnit, I was head over heels ! I shrieked ! I remember taking home a lil sample of their famous cleanser after shift, and instantly falling in love with the formula. ⁣

At the time, any cleanser over $30 or $20, or even $15 dollars… was a bit steep for me. But I knew I needed to try it. I saved a bit of money from each paycheck, and along with my employee discount.. it was finally mine ! & let me tell you, I savored every single drip drop of my first YTTP cleanser. It was like liquid gold to me. Butttt, yes, eventually I did let my husband use it too. 😂 ⁣

After purchasing the cleanser, I moved on to trying their peptide eye cream, superfood air-whip moisturizer, and their glow oil. I enjoyed it all.⁣

All my other fellow Sephora co-workers knew how much I adored this brand back then when we all worked together. I even told them that one day, maybe I’ll end up becoming a brand rep for them. That’s how much I enjoy everything about YTTP. I have since left my job at Sephora, but my love for YTTP is still alive ! ⁣

Now you can only imagine what happened when their team reached out to send me this PR box. I couldn’t even believe the email was real. I felt like my heart was beating in my throat. Literally, and utterly flabbergasted at the fact that they were reaching out to me. I turned to my husband in the car and was like….⁣

“WHAT ?⁣

Did everything just come full circle ?! ⁣

Is this real life ? ⁣

WHAT ?”⁣

Yeah.. those were my immediate words & thoughts. And yeah he was laughing at me 😂, but also very excited for me too of course.⁣

This PR box means more to me than anyone can imagine, ha. 😅 Still can’t believe it. So with that said, thank you Youth To The People team for sending this my way.

Talk soon,


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