A Weekend in Montreal

A couple weekends ago I visited Montreal for the first time. It’s such a beautiful city and the vegan food culture is beyond words. Here’s some highlights from my weekend getaway.


Hotel Monville
A very modern, sophisticated hotel in Montreal. Pet friendly, great views, rooftop terrace,  great location, small rooms – but very comfortable and filled with everything you’d need.


Here are some faves.

Invitation V100% Vegan Bistro
One of many vegan eateries in Montreal and one of my favorites from this trip. Check this place out during their weekend brunch starting at 10:30AM and don’t forget to order a delicious & sweet buckwheat crêpe with chocolate coulis and fruits !

Tommy Cafe
A totally adorable neighborhood coffee shop that also features some yummy eats like avocado toast. They don’t have many vegan options, but they do have delicious coffees with non-dairy milks as an option.

Others not pictured:
Copper Branch – An amazing vegan chain restaurant that has many locations all over Montreal, and even a few outside the city. Great for a quick-ish vegan take-out !

Free Sights

Looking for a picturesque view of Montreal ? Then you have to head up Mount-Royal and check it out. Totally free to do, and you can drive up if you don’t feel like walking.

Notre-Dame Basilica
Free to look at from the outside, but only 5 CAD to go inside !

Explore Old Montreal & Maybe Do A Little Shopping

Some Cool Facts
Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada
59% of Montreal’s population speak both French and English
Montreal is the second largest French speaking city, after Paris
Montreal was originally called Ville-Marie (City of Mary)
Montreal has it’s own Horror Movie School called Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies (cool !!)
Mount Royal Park and NYC Central Park were designed by the same person, Frederick Law Olmsted

-Alicia !


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