Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary | Bradford Ontario

Here’s to crossing something off the good ol’ bucket list !

I’ve always wanted to visit an animal sanctuary (I even have a big dream of opening and owning my own in the future) and I was finally able to make that happen ! Out of per chance, the weekend before my birthday, Wishing Well Sanctuary was hosting a tour ! They only do them a couple times a month and it was definitely perfect timing ! I mentioned it to Dave, and the weekend before my birthday we were en route to Toronto ! Bradford is just north of the city, about 45 minutes roughly.

Admission for the tour was $15 per person, which we didn’t mind paying because the profits go to the sanctuary. We were then greeted by the owner and she gave a speech about the sanctuary. She mentioned that this is not a “petting zoo”, but instead it’s a safe place for these previously abused animals to live their lives out peacefully right here at Wishing Well. She also had several rules to abide by while we were touring and then we were off to see the animals !

There were many volunteers present the day of the tour. They were very knowledgable about the animals and you can tell the volunteers loved & cared for the them very much.

I had such a great experience at Wishing Well ! I really loved the entire tour but my favorite had to be feeding the cows ! I cant wait to go back and visit in the future or visit other sanctuaries !

-Alicia !