My Plant Obsession


Plants ? It all started with one, one that I’ve had for about 8 years & now I can’t stop. Many have moved from apartment to apartment. Some have fallen on the floor along the way, only to have their pots broken. Some have died along the way, like my failed attempt at caring for a bonsai, or the palm tree…. I’ve had plants that were given to me, like the one from my Nana before she passed, or like the one that was given to me by my significant other, Dave and I have many from friends too ! Some I’ve purchased on my own, that needed a home. They give the room life and they make me smile. I’m obsessed, and I want more !


not sure what this guy is called, thoughts ?

My growing obsession(ha, get it?) over cacti began when I re-visited the desert a couple summers ago. I fell in love and now that I own several cacti myself, I feel like I have a piece of the desert in my apartment. One thing I really like about cacti and succulents are they are pretty easy to take care of. They don’t require much attention or water, so if you forget to water them for several days, they will be totally fine. You actually should only water them when the soil is dry to touch ! I keep mine right by the window, or close to and they seem happy there. If you’re thinking about purchasing a plant and want something pretty low maintenance, I recommend a cactus. Just don’t prick yourself !

he’s a little orange from the sun believe it or not.

the main reason I bought this guy (he’s been around for 8 years) was because I found a 4 leaf clover on him ! I asked the florist if this was normal, she came over to have a look and said no.. but now I should get it since I found it, maybe it will bring me some good luck ! So I did…

the cutest of all cuteness.

Now the loft I live in now could easily hold a much larger plant. Dare I attempt the palm tree again, or maybe I could do something crazy… a lemon tree…

-Alicia !


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