The Collapsed Home in South Bristol, NY | Abandoned

There’s something beautiful about decaying, abandoned places. As you explore an abandon home or facility you can’t help but think about all the history that had happened there. Sometimes information can be found online, especially if the abandoned building used to be a public building. But, if the abandoned place used to be someone’s home… the story might only be told through personal items. As you search through belongings, pictures and documents left behind, questions flutter through your head. Who lived there? How long did they live there? Why did they leave?

Maybe it’s the tragedy that makes it so beautiful.

As time progresses, more places will become abandoned, taken back by nature. Swept away by rivers or engulfed by growing weeds. Crushed by fallen trees. Modern ruins. From movie theaters to shopping malls to family homes. All of these places hold some kind of story. Exploring them only helps you gain some kind of understanding. A promise of the unexpected. The discovery of  history.

Ever since I received my new camera for my birthday, Canon Rebel T5i, I have been taking pictures of almost everything & anything. My favorite things so far are beauty items, my second favorite are abandoned/decaying places. I just ordered a new lens, super excited to get it in the mail ! It’s back ordered for a week I believe, so I won’t receive it till the end of the month. Either way,  can’t wait to get it and take some more pictures !

-Alicia !


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