Christmas Decorating + My Favorite Ornaments










This year we went with an artificial tree that I actually found at Home Depot for a reasonable price. It’s a slim tree so it fits perfectly in our little corner in the apartment. It feels extremely real to touch, and for some added scent.. I hung some pine scented sticks inside the tree by the brand called Scentsicles. They’re scented with pure fragrance oils and made with natural fibers sourced from sustainable resources. Every week I’ve been adding a stick to keep the scent alive !

In the entrance way I added these cute wooden snowflakes that I found at Target for 5 dollars. Then on the small table we have in the entrance way I added some fake snow puff. I also have a mini pine on there as well. I love decorating for the Holiday’s… but hate taking it apart after

I can’t believe Christmas is only two weeks away. 2016 has really gone by quick!

Well, talk to you soon.



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