An Evening in St. Louis: The Final Stretch

A 12 hour drive ahead of us full of farms and flat land, I felt like I was back in NY already. It was a thought I didn’t really want to think about just yet. But…. we weren’t in NY, we were actually in the midwest ! After leaving Denver, Dave & I had to drive through the entire state of Kansas and pretty much a majority of Missouri before we could reach St. Louis. St. Louis was our next stop. This was day 6 of our road trip. A full day of driving. Completely.


kansas on fire


We didn’t have much planned for that evening. Besides driving. We knew we would only be in St. Louis for the night, so our main focus & priority was to find some place to sleep. Luckily for us we found on sweet deal on Hotwire! We were able to snag a room at the Hyatt Regency – St. Louis at the Arch. Hey fancy I know, we were only there for one night, gotta do it big right? We booked a standard room via Hotwire, but Dave schmoozed his way into a grabbing a sweet upgrade with a view of the arch for the same price!!!! Score !! Staying at the Hyatt really spoiled us. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a fancier place.


We pretty much just spent time exploring the hotel once we checked in. It was pretty late at this point. The gift shop was still open and I took this as an opportunity to grab a magnet for the collection !

Day 7 began, I had one of those mornings where I woke up and had no idea where I was at first. After fidgeting with my glasses so I could see my surroundings a little bit clearer, I was greeted by the Gateway Arch ! Right out the window ! Our other window in the room was a beautiful view of the city ! Dave woke up shortly after me and we just enjoyed the view before having to shower, pack and leave.

stlouis stlouis stlouis

Ohio was next on the list, we had to drop off the car, get to the Greyhound bus, and meet up with family at Cedar Point ! Where we would finish off this road trip !

Fun Facts About St. Louis – 

Formerly known as the largest shoe-manufacturing center in the world

The first city in America to host the Olympics

Personal Bucket List For Future Visits – 

Visit The Delmar Loop

Check out the rooftop bar called Three Sixty

Go to the top of The Gateway Arch

Visit Forest Park

Check out the Missouri Botanical Gardens

Visit the City Museum


-Alicia !


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