#FlashBackFriday – California

I can’t wait to visit Cali again. I always enjoy seeing a palm tree over a pine.

Venice Beach, CA


Hollywood, CA

Pasadena, CA

Hemet, CA

Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach, CA

Santa Monica SunsetCali

First and last time in California for me was back in 2010. I visited L.A. &-

Hollywood – Hollywood is known for its tourist landmarks & The Walk of Fame is a must see. This was actually my first stop after I landed in LAX. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a fun area to stroll around in and spot some famous names on the sidewalk stars. Food for thought: Apparently, if you visit when they’re adding a new star to the sidewalk, the celeb will attend and maybe you can spot someone famous! I didn’t see anyone famous just wondering around on a normal day but, I did see the Hollywood sign and it’s is famous enough!

Pasadena – Although Pasadena is broken down in several districts, one distinct district that stands out above the others named Old Pasadena. This is where I spent most of my time and stayed.  (I stayed at the Courtyard/Marriott.) Old Pasadena extends about 22 historic blocks or so and is filled will shopping(including more than 100 boutiques and large) and eateries(including sidewalk cafes and restaurants).

Downtown L.A. – I didn’t spend time Downtown, but I do know that downtown is noted for it’s nightlife, with it’s selection of diverse bars, and nightclubs. One place I’m dying to check out is The Rooftop. There’s always next time. 😉

Venice Beach – Nothing screams local art more than Venice Beach. This beach isn’t really noted for the beach itself, but for the boardwalk. It literally is a boardwalk full of art! From graffiti, street performers, colorful beach shops and a wide span of food options, it’s never ending it seems like! It’s a great place to people watch and talk to someone new. This is 100% a must see when you visit L.A.

Beverly Hills – When you think of Beverly Hills you should think of Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive, in my opinion, is the highest of high in the shopping experience. Stores include Jimmy Choo and Tiffany & Co. Check out Love Beverly Hills for a full listing of all designer stores.

Santa Monica Pier – Just think, mini theme park on a pier, then think about arcades, food, and seaside shops! Looking for a different experience? Try riding the mini rollercoaster or ferris wheel in Pacific Park at night! FYI: This is also the ending point for Route 66! Take a selfie with the sign!

Cruise Tunes –

Tupac – “California Love”

Phantom Planet – “California”

Sleep Easy –

If you’re looking for luxury, I heard that the Omni Los Angles Downtown is one of the top rated hotels in L.A. If you want something more moderately priced you could stay Courtyard/Marriott in Old Pasadena just like I did. Pasadena is north of the city and is moderately priced depending on the time of the year. I also know Venice Beach has some cheap hostels if you’re on a budget.


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