Petit Vour Unboxing | February Edition

It’s that time of the month ! February’s Petit Vour subscription box is in and has been tested & tried. I received 4 items in February, two makeup items, along with two skincare items. This is the first box (since signing up back in October) that I received two makeup items in one box ! Here’s what I received:

Zabana Essentials Tamanu Calendula Healing Anti-Blemish Face Balm ($15, Full Size $30) – Hands up, this smells beyond amazing. Very citrusy and refreshing. The smell alone made me want to bathe in it from head to toe. At first, I wasn’t sure how to use this product. So questioning this…. I thought to my self…should I use it all over my face for some intense hydration? Or should I use it as a spot treatment for acne if and when I get breakouts? I decided to first use it as an all over overnight treatment since I didn’t have any current blemishes. But, I didn’t notice any immediate difference in my skin the next morning. I set it aside and later that same week, I had a blemish pop up. Perfect! I thought. Now I can try it as a spot treatment! So I did and weirdly enough when I woke up the next morning… I had red blotches randomly scattered throughout my face and the pimples were the same, if not even more prominent than before. What happened? I couldn’t tell ya. I haven’t tried it out for a third time just yet. Not sure if I will. So with that said, I don’t think this product really did much for me and my skin. I’ll continue to experiment with it, but for now I think this is a pass for me. 

Red Apple Lipstick Lip Liner in Dusty Rose ($23) – This lipliner is such a beautiful color. For me, it’s that ‘your lips but better’ color. The texture is very soft, it glides on smoothly to use for either lip lining or filling in the entire lip area. Highly recommend, and would love to try other colors in this lip liner formula !

Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub with Activated Charcoal ($2, Full Size $15) – I absolutely love this scrub and will need to fo sho purchase the full size. The texture is a very thick paste-like substance with tiny black (what I’m guessing is the charcoal?) bits. After softly lathering this scrub in a circular motion on the face, you start to feel this gentle cooling sensation take over. It was very unexpected during first use, but I love it. This scrub leaves my face feeling super smooth and ready for my following skincare products & makeup. A box favorite right here !

Elate Cosmetics Creme Revealer in Fawn ($12, Full Size $12) – This is a really nice, creamy, lightweight concealer/corrector. It works decently at covering dark circles and the redness around my nose. I just use the warmth from my finger tips to blend it into the skin and then I just set it with a pressed or loose powder. I really like using this concealer when I’m in a rush or just want that “no makeup” makeup look. It’s also great to keep in your bag for touch ups, if needed, throughout the day. It reminds me of the Glossier stretch concealer (that I love and use very much), which is also a very creamy concealer.

Can’t wait for next month – I’ll be giving a 6 month review on the Petit Vour subscription box service, along with a first impression style unboxing on my YouTube channel ! Be sure to subscribe to check that out.

-Alicia !