Traveling With The Pup: Frequently Asked Questions


How do we decide if we want to bring Pepe or not?

So, there are many determining factors on this decision. The main one is the hotel. Are they pet friendly? If so, what are the costs? Some hotels can charge up to $150 non-refundable fees, plus per night charges. Some hotels don’t charge a dime! Also, how long is the trip? Is it a few nights or 5 nights? Are we going to be in the car for a very long period of time? How’s the weather going to be?

What do we do with our pup, Pepe, when we can’t bring him to local places ?

We normally just keep him in the hotel room ! We will turn on the TV/radio so he’s not distracted by hotel hallway noises. We will also leave him “hidden” treats around the hotel room. We do this at home too. This should keep him entertained till he finds them all. We also make sure he has all his favorite toys and also water. I’ll only leave him food if it’s feeding time. I’ll also put the do not disturb sign up and depending on the hotel, I let management know we will be stepping out and they can call my phone number if needed.

Have you tried doggie hotels or used a sitter before?

Unfortunately no. I’m sorry I don’t have advice on that. But I’m sure there are other bloggers that do !

Have you ever brought your dog to local locations, pet-friendly or not?

If I can and he’s comfortable I will ! When my dog was a little smaller I would carry him around in a bag. I would take him shopping or into pet friendly food establishments. One time in NYC, a local pizza shop let me bring him in, in a bag with no problem even though they weren’t pet-friendly ! Doesn’t hurt to ask. But be prepared to be denied entry to many places. If you have a bigger dog you may only be allowed to visit  pet-friendly places.

Have you flown with your pup?

Unfortunately, I have not. I’m almost too nervous about it. If we do, the first time is going to be very short, maybe like a 1 – 2 hour flight. And when I do, I’ll be sure to give tons of tips on what worked and what didn’t! Stay tuned. In the mean time, check out airline websites for information!

Any other advice?

  • Never leave your dog in a hot car, even for a few minutes.
  • Make several frequent stops to let your buddy burn some energy, go to the bathroom, and stretch those legs.
  • If your dog has never driven with you on long distances, try a short trip and see how he handles it, this will give you a general idea how he will be during a car ride for a bigger trip.
  • Before your trip, take your pup on a long walk to burn some energy.
  • Always check the hotel for size and breed restrictions & give the hotel a heads up before booking.
  • If you’re traveling internationally, bring your papers!

I hope this helps ! Leave other questions below and I’ll try and help the best I can! I’ve traveled with my pup many, many times! Everything I’ve learned is from experience & how well I know my dog! It’s all about making sure he’s comfortable.

Be sure to check out my traveling with pup check list !

-Alicia !