Life Talks #1: Finding Balance

I know first hand that life can spin out of control and the struggle to find balance is real. Whether it’s trying to find balance from work, school and social life or maybe some other assortment of activities. Honestly, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle to find balance. Why is balance important? Well without it, health problems can rise, our minds can feel cloudy, we can feel a little down, extremely tired or even alone.

These days I only have one day off a week. But that’s okay, because before or after my work shifts or social gatherings …. I will find time for MYSELF. Now this can include anything from catching up on an TV series, work out at the gym for an hour, walk the dog around the block one more time, taking a few extra minutes on my beauty routine, soaking in a bath listening to my favorite music, or maybe just hanging out in my sweats a little while longer before getting ready for the day. There is no excuse why you cant find some “me time”. If you have kids, maybe try and get up a little earlier before they do to enjoy a cup of coffee, or take the kids on a walk to breathe in some fresh air !

One key thing to remember is to find time for YOURSELF. If you’re not happy, it will show and it will affect everyone else around you, remember that!

Check out this YouTube video of Jada Pickett-Smith discussing how we should remember to take care of ourselves first.

“You always have to remember to take care of YOU, first and foremost.”

If you’re reading this I hope you are having a wonderful day and I hope this helps !

Chin up !

-Alicia !