When Traveling With Your Dog: What to Bring Check List!

So theres a big road trip coming up and you want to bring your pup, of course, but you’re not sure what to bring or know what you will actually use while traveling. Packing for yourself and your dog can be very intimidating, especially if you’re a procrastinator like myself and you wait till the very last minute. I created this checklist for myself to help with that and I  wanted to share it in hope that it can help you as well when you’re deciding what to bring!


  • Bottle water – Most important!
  • Dog wipes – Great for dirty paws, eyes and butt. I really needed these once at a rest stop. You know, the ones that only have hand driers and no kind of paper towel to use my little guy’s butt after a nervous travel poop.  Now I try to make sure to bring them anytime I have Pepe in the car. You never know.
  • 4 (or more) different kinds of dog toys for variety – Grab their favorites or something new to keep your dog occupied.
  • 4 different kind of treats – Some that take longer to eat than others to keep your dog busy while you drive.
  • Water dish and food bowl – I just bring my dogs home dish and water dish. I’ve seen pretty cool travel friendly doggie dishes in Petsmart before. If I traveled more frequently I might try ’em out.
  • Either the full bag of dog food or scoops equivalent to the length of stay
  • Blanket, carrier, seat-belt or pet bed for the backseat
  • Plastic bags or any kind of waste bag for poop
  • ID tags

Recommended, but not a necessity:

  • Dog shampoo – shampoo may be something to think about depended on where you are traveling to. If you’re going camping, shampoo might be a good option, especially if your dog likes to roll around in some mud!
  • Nail clippers
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste
  • Hair brush – I recommend this for long-haired dogs

I hope this was helpful! Keep checking back for more traveling with your dog posts!